• Entrepreneurs and advisors in tune with the operational realities of the digital world

  • Post advisors: a consultant entrepreneur spirit in tune with the stakes of managers, combining strategy, flexibility and innovative approaches

    Experienced partners mobilised directly for a strong leverage effect to attain the best return on investment for their clients: A total personal and collective commitment of partners in the field. We intervene directly among managers by going to the essence of the matter. We have proven the robust nature of our recommendations as a consultant and as an entrepreneur. Our work “takes root” in the company during and after our intervention.

  • Innovative and flexible use of our expertise geared to implementation

  • We have availed ourselves of and interacted with major consultancy firms. We are thoroughly proficient in the traditional consultancy methods and tools in terms of strategy, transformation, digital technology and the management of complex projects. We complement optimal advice with our entrepreneurial expertise:  creativity, flexibility, innovative approaches and technologies.

    Deliberately different methods and approaches that favour flexibilit: We combine pragmatism and flexibility. We always try to propose new measures for -- and approaches to -- the way we conduct our work. Our agility promotes open-mindedness, the involvement of mobilised teams and tactical partners.

What we do for you...

  • Strategy

    Advice on strategy
    to General Management
    and Board of Directors
  • trans-formation

    Structuring and support
    of transformation
  • digital

    Framework and design
    of prototypes and
    digital platforms
  • complex
    project management

    Management of complex projects
    with high innovation stakes

Our expertises :

  • medias
  • Telecom
  • properties
  • Bank &
  • transport &
  • Public
  • Sport
  • culture &

  • An ecosystem to measure for your projects that facilitate co-creation and transformation

  • We have a unique capacity to structure systems to measure. They are composed of experienced men and women and high technologies round Post Advisors. These systems will enable you to manage complex projects by mobilising the best expertise on the market of consultancy and additional services: independent experts, digital agencies, technological companies and co-creation physical spaces.

    A unique expertise network: The accumulated experience and our past responsibilities have enables us to surround ourselves with a unique network of expertise and of partners.  Standing guarantee for the method and proper implementation of the works, we mobilise the finest expertise on the market of consultancy and additional services, as and where needed.  Continuous monitoring enables us to identify and select the constituent members, technologies and tools of our ecosystem.
      Mobilisation of expert consultants
      We mobilise experienced consultants, both freelancers or in firms. These experts are selected for their tried and tested specific skills and technical and sectoral experience: Strategy, human resources, marketing, communication, sport, Health, Culture, etc.
      Selection of platforms for digital services
      Our partner agencies support us according to their specific expertise in the design and development of prototypes and web and mobile digital platforms.
      Access to innovative technologies and services
      Experimentation in new technological solutions under the test & learn approach with our partners: UX design, Data visualisation, Predictive & prescriptive analytics, FabLab, etc.
      Provision of collaborate tools and spaces

      Access to spaces, collaborative tools and agile facilitation methods to conduct strategic seminars or learning expeditions.

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