Partner & Managing Partner

"In a complex digital world we endeavour to provide measures and approaches that are flexible and adapted to the specific needs of our clients. We facilitate co-creation and know how to find, mobilise and deploy the best expertise on the market of consultancy, but also new lines of business and new technologies involved in the digital transformation of companies: independent experts and companies specialised in data analytics, IoT, UX design and ergodesign, but also new work spaces in co-meeting, co-working, FabLab, as well as agencies for the design of digital platforms.”"

  • Aymeric Guilhaumaud is a Founding Partner and General Manager of Post Advisors.
    Aymeric has always been on the lookout for and passionate about developments and opportunities in digital technology that model our daily life and offer new prospects for economic, social, political and cultural players throughout the world. He has been advising start ups and the managerial teams of large groups in a wide variety of sectors such as real estate, oil and gas, the media, telecommunications, aerospace, sports, entertainment, public service, etc. for more than 15 years.

    Aymeric intervenes on the strategy, transformation and digital stakes. After being in charge of strategy and operational marketing activities (UMG, AB Group), in the beginning of the new millennium, he was assignment manager on media and information society issues for the cabinet of the Prime Minister.

    On the consultancy front for strategy, transformation and digital technology since 2005 (Media Consulting Group, Braxton-Deloitte, Kurt Salmon), Aymeric was co-founder of Deloitte Digital France until 2016.
    Aymeric takes a close interest in the ecosystem of start ups in France as an investor and entrepreneur.

  • Career:
    Founding Partner & Managing Partner at POST ADVISORS
    Founding Partner at Alteia (Blockchain data services)

    Co-founder, Deloitte Digital France
    Senior Manager - Strategy & Transaction services - Braxton/Deloitte & Kurt Salmon
    Consultant senior - Media Consulting Group
    Assignment manager – Prime Minister’s cabinet – Department of Media Development
    Project leader, acquisition and programming, AB Group
    Project leader, marketing and promotion, Universal Music Group

    Aymeric intervenes among managerial teams to:
    Anticipate the stakes relating to the impact of digital technology, the development of technologies, modes of consumption, economic, industrial and organisational models.
    Manage overall strategic missions (growth, diversification, development, merger/SMI, reorganisations) and provide guidance for complex projects with an extensive transformation and innovation content
    Design BtoB and BtoC digital marketing and sales strategies
    Build prototypes of web, mobile, data analytic and other such platforms
    Federate the (internal and external) stakeholders of transformation, guide the development of working methods and open the company to the innovative (academic, technological, start-up) ecosystem that surrounds it.